Lyriken von Ashtaroth


The dying heart


A moment ago life seemed still worth

so pure and magical and free

and no one knows the reason why

it changed so suddenly

And suddenly the darkness came nearer

And light disappeared behind a cloud

cold wind filled the emptiness of the heart

as the soul starts crying loud.

The empty spaces of that heart

were slowly filled with darkness

evil thoughts are floating in

the tortured mind of endless sin.

Rip out the heart that dies in pain

to relieve the painful death

Bury it under black roses

in a cold and lonely grave.



The mirror


thereís a mirror on the wall

shiny glass and raising tall

look into it and see your face

is it horror? Is it grace?

Woman stands near to the wall

hears a silent whispered call

follows it to see the source

mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

from the dark I hear you call

please show me my destiny

I speak those words so silently.

A face is staring at itself

cannot believe what his eyes

a rotten carcass in the dark

recognized as the own "me".

Another face will scream in pain

of the horrid picture there

a city burns in bright red flames

as endless people die in fear.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

from the dark I hear you call

please show me my destiny

I speak those words so silently.


A little child looks into it

but whereís the love and purity?

All I can see is spiteful hate

the symbol of humanity.


Glorious mirror shows the truth

in a world controlled by lies

take a look and see yourself

as you are before you die.


Medieval mirror speaks to me

shows things I donít want to see

"Follow me in the abyss

feel Satanís lips in Satanís kiss."


My mirrorís standing on the wall

shiny glass and raising tall

look into it, what do I see?

A skeleton, that looks like me...





A black moon shines in a black sky

clouds are wandering astray

I look into the emptiness

and find nothing but darkness

and then the shadow begins to grow

absorbing the existing light

until nothing is left

of that solemn warmth

I watch myself fading away

as the shadow takes control

slowly taking shape

as I start to disappear

no more light is left

this feelings are freezed

in eternal ice

only darkness around myself

is getting deeper and deeper

the shadow begins to move

no body functions left

I watch it taking over

as my mind is getting dark.

The shadow is now free

to roam space and time

forbidden rituals fruit

the end of human kind.



Sky watching


Oh my eyes are wandering across the sky

Roaming that endless space

looking for something which I cannot find

looking for something so far away

Stars shine in the velvet darkness

reach out for them and put them in my mouth

why do they taste so bitter and cold?

While they are shining so bright and warm?

Watch the mutating moon in the night

once a victim, once a master

feel the lunar touch on my skin

but still it is cold and empty.

Oh my eyes are wandering

through the night on dark wings

I look behind the front and see the truth

the face of death in silver light.


Black angel

a statue, dark and full of fear

stands beneath the wall

out of his eyes stream bloody tears

out of his mouth a silent call.


Black angel is calling me

taking me nearer to my death

black wings cover my body

taking the air, taking my breath


open his mouth, the scream of death

is filling this silent room

the rotten smelling of his breath

brings now the final doom.

Angel of death approaches me

takes me into his arms

Black angel arrived so suddenly

No sign is there to warn.


His hand grip my neck so tight

killing me so slow

icy fingers of the night

finish me now.


As my body stops to breathe

black angel starts to cry

bloody tears drip from his eyes

onto the stone on which I lie.


Black angel drinks my body's blood

crying without end

black angel, terrifying god

my judge, to bring the end.

© Ashtaroth